Last Monday (the 23rd) was Yale Graduation and time for me to walk! It was a bit of a crazy blitz getting back from Greece late Friday and heading to New Haven on Sunday morning, but I was excited to finally see the pomp of Yale graduation ceremonies (I’ve been in the field every other year). They didn’t disappoint. Amidst the numerous ceremonial (I think) maces, the president’s massive gold “collar”, an army’s worth of banners and flags marching every which way, and invocations from Deans in English and Latin, the Forestry school has a somewhat more personable tradition: we like to decorate our mortar boards according to our research interest. I, of course, needed a lizard on a wall.


Having at it with the glue gun and some painted styrofoam “field stones.”


Modeling the finished product.


The eagle-eyed among you will recognize this as Phelsuma, not Podarcis, but I did my best with the stuffed beasts at my disposal. If anyone knows of any stuffed Podarcis I’ll pay!

IMG_2378The Forestry school is a big hit at Graduation ceremonies on the jumbotron. You can even see me!! (Photo credit: Claire).


Finally, here I am with my advisor, Os, after the ceremony. It’s the end of a very good era at the School of Forestry.

And the start of an exciting new era which I’ll tell you all about next!

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