The reports of my genius have been greatly exaggerated

But I’m immensely flattered. Curious, a company that makes educational apps, has a WordGenius daily puzzle to exercise your brain. A friend works there and was “shocked” (I think she meant that in a good way‽) to see my face pop up as the “genius of the day” following the publicity from the Hurricane paper.

Just to set the record straight, I’m a few short of the celebrated 180 publications. Maybe the author/editor misread the citation counts as publication counts?

Anyway, if you want to meet some real science geniuses I’d highly recommend you take a gander at the incredible ecology and evolution work of Bree Rosenblum, Melissa Kemp, Sarah Diamond, Meg Duffy, Lauren O’Connell, Tracy Langkilde, and Jacquelyn Gill. Their papers, blogs, twitter feeds, and emails over the years are where I go looking for inspiration.


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