The reports of my genius have been greatly exaggerated

But I’m immensely flattered. Curious, a company that makes educational apps, has a WordGenius daily puzzle to exercise your brain. A friend works there and was “shocked” (I think she meant that in a good way‽) to see my face pop up as the “genius of the day” following the publicity from the Hurricane paper. … More The reports of my genius have been greatly exaggerated

Top 40 Ecology Blogs!

Well, that’s a pleasant surprise. This little blog just made it into the list of top 40 Ecology Blogs to follow in 2018. Of course, I’m embarrassed that this comes after a month of not really posting new material because I’ve been wrapping up Hurricanes post-game press work, planning the follow-up trip to Turks and … More Top 40 Ecology Blogs!

Meet the islands: Petalida

Here’s the island of Petalida, one of the two islets we’re working on in the stretch of sea between Paros and Antiparos. It’s one of our favorite islands for catching lizards because it’s covered by a plush carpet of short, soft plants. Enjoy the video! Next up is the final island – Kambana.

Meet the islands: Mavronisi

Mavronisi is one of the more daunting islands for lizards and people alike. It’s got two vegetation patches – “north lobe” and “south lobe” – and north was only colonized last year after what must have been a long, hot, dry, scramble for some lizard Magellan. Enjoy the video!

Podarcis on PBS

Our little Greek Wall Lizards are getting the full BBC bright-lights treatment in an upcoming show and will be co-starring with long-time friend of the blog Kinsey Brock. For those of you in the states, tune in to PBS today (April 25) at 8pm EST to watch “Natural Born Rebels.” I’m going to have to … More Podarcis on PBS