On my way!

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go! I’ll catch a train from New Haven in just a few hours and then, it’s off to Greece! I can hardly believe it has come up so fast. Now that it’s here though, I’m anxious to get through the traveling portion and get out to those islands!

Packing has been a bit crazy this year. I’m bringing a ton of equipment and research supplies, but luckily I have the help of three terrific undergraduate research assistants to haul it out to Greece with me. We’ll do introductions soon, but this is the first of many tasks I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to do without them. It was fun the other night to see their jaws drop as we filled their bags and pockets with supplies that we were going to need.


Just about all of this fit into two bags!

The final task is going to be packing up the kayaks for checking on the airplane. The kayaks, for all their sleek lines in the water, are a bit bulky when smushed into a cube. My current plan is to cinch them together and wrap the whole thing with packing plastic. This still leaves the daunting task of maneuvering them over trains, and through airports. I’ve rigged up two “skates” with scrap wood and casters from home depot and I’m hoping these will help. I’ll let you know!

photo 1

photo 2


Next post from Athens!

3 thoughts on “On my way!

  1. You’ll need to look into airshipping your stuff in a container commercially. You will not always be so young and strong. Admire your attitude.

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