Made it to Athens!

Next step is a bus ride to the docks and then a long ferry ride to Naxos. I should be in Naxos in about nine hours though so I’m really excited about that!

Travel has been wondrously smooth so far (I don’t want to jinx it!) Let’s see… I trained from New Haven to Newark NJ and then flew to Montreal. From Montreal I flew through the night and landed in Paris the next morning. During my 12 hour layover I went into the city, had an extremely exciting meeting with a future collaborator and then walked several miles  around the area and to Notre Dame; it was a beautiful day! (Pictures and details of all of that soon, I just want to post a quick update). Then it was another nighttime flight from Paris to Athens where I’m currently enjoying a bit of free internet.

I haven’t really slept more than about an hour in all of that so I’m starting to really feel the wear and tear. I’m hoping for a bit of shut eye on the ferry and if not, definitely when I get to Naxos. Sometime soon though I will update you with stories and pictures from Paris.

Thanks for all the well-wishes on the travel front. I appreciate it!

More soon from Naxos!


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