The Naturalist

Following my grandfather’s advice, I just finished reading “The Naturalist: Theodore Roosevelt, A lifetime of Exploration, and the Triumph of American Natural History.” I  enjoyed it so much I want to quickly share it here and encourage others to read it.  The title leaves little to guess, it chronicles the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s life and his … More The Naturalist

Decor decisions

Some friends gave us an EU flag to wrap a wedding present (anticipating our time in Europe) and I decided to hang it at work for inspiration. (And no, it’s not an anachronism now – the 12 stars are staying regardless of Britain’s leaving. Did you know there are 28, soon to be 27, member states?) … More Decor decisions


Last Monday (the 23rd) was Yale Graduation and time for me to walk! It was a bit of a crazy blitz getting back from Greece late Friday and heading to New Haven on Sunday morning, but I was excited to finally see the pomp of Yale graduation ceremonies (I’ve been in the field every other … More Graduation!

The sprint speed paper was published too!

Hi everyone, Another paper is out! This one was published in PeerJ, my first open access journal so anyone can read the paper here. The paper is titled “Microgeographic variation in locomotor traits among lizards in a human-built environment.” That’s a long way of saying I looked at lizards living on rock walls and lizards living in … More The sprint speed paper was published too!