Dr. Colin!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all of the support and encouragement! The defense was a success! I’m still in the process of recuperating – I’m looking forward to a few more nights of good sleep without worrying about lizards! But, before too long I’ll post some more photos and videos from the presentation. Thanks again for … More Dr. Colin!

Happy 2016

Happy New Years everyone. As my last post said, the first 5 weeks of 2016 are going to be pretty intense. I’ve checked off box 1 and am getting close on box 2. Next step, writing the introduction and conclusion of the dissertation as a whole! As a little aside, I spent Christmas in Georgia … More Happy 2016

The countdown begins

Well, after  years of “the dissertation will be due at some point in 5 or 6 years” I finally have a deadline: February 3rd, 2016! So the countdown begins. Jorge Cham at PhDComics sums it up: To do: Submit revisions of chapter 3 Submit chapter 4 to a journal Write the dissertation part of my … More The countdown begins

Lizards at Harvard

I’ve spent the last two months working in a new desk (and new zip code) and have yet to update you all. Sorry! Surprise, I’m spending this year in the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard, working with Dr. Jonathan Losos. The goal is to think more about evolution in my Greek lizards. As you … More Lizards at Harvard

Updating the website

Hi Everyone, It’s been a long time since my last post because I’ve been spending all of my blog-time allowance on designing a completely new website. Well, hours and hours later, I’m not happy with version 2.0 so I’ve added some new pages to 1.0 and I think I’m going to reinvest in the blog for … More Updating the website