Solar Drying Oven

No matter the question, if you’re working on terrestrial community ecology, eventually you have to clip mountains of vegetation to dry and weigh. In the states that’s a relatively straightforward process of sticking vegetation in massive drying ovens until all the water is removed and you can get comparable dry weights. Here, the task is … More Solar Drying Oven

The Bite Force Meter

Y’all have been asking for details on the bite force meter I’ve been alluding too. Here are a few pictures to illustrate what I’ve been talking about. The meter was borrowed from and built by Anthony Herrel, a collaborator in Paris. at its core are two metal plates to the left of the picture where … More The Bite Force Meter

Just some pretty scenery

Every once in a while driving to my field sites I have to pull over, take a picture, and pinch myself that this is where I’m getting to work. The landscape here is really spectacular. Click on the link to see the picture at a larger size.  


It’s a Loquat! Thanks to those of you who chimed in with the identity of the gifted fruit from last post. Now I know how delicious loquats are! Here’s a silly loquat still life for your enjoyment. I was practicing taking decent macro photos of my lizards, and the loquats seemed like a ready subject. … More Loquat!