And a quick post about food

So this topic deserves more, perhaps I’ll do a big comparison at the end of my trip but I just wanted to show a few photos of some of the food I’ve had so far and talk about a few other dishes that stood out.


Here’s a picture of my first snack in Athens before boarding the ferry to Naxos. Pastries are extremely popular in Greece. Cheese pies, ham and cheese croissants or spanikopita made up the majority of my lunches but they came in all sorts of different shapes depending on the bakery. Delicious!

Song other notable discoveries: a true Greek salad doesn’t have any lettuce greens in it! Just tomatoes, onions, olives, feta, and cucumbers. It was delicious! I think I’m really gaining a taste for raw (unseeded) tomatoes here!


Here’s a shrimp dish I had at Amorgosa. The beets were terrific and although I made a mess the fresh shrimp were so flavorful. Yum!


And some kebabs! Not Greek specifically but still delicious and they definitely had a Greek flair to them. That black bean salad was so delicious. I went to the same restaurant the next day and ordered another one!


Finally, for my last night in Greece, we went out to a fancy bar and had absinthe. Here the waitress just lit the cube of sugar on fire after pouring the glass of absinthe through the cube. We then dumped the cube in the drink, poured ice cold water in and sipped. Delicious! I had a German absinthe I thought was particularly good compared with the French varieties the others tried.

One thought on “And a quick post about food

  1. Yum! I am so glad that you like Greek salads because they’re one of my favorites, too (except the kalamata olives). And as you know, I pretty much only cook things that involve fresh tomatoes, so this should work out well!

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