My new copilot

Well, navigating Europe by myself is a challenge but I’m getting a bit better about it. I no longer spread out the map across the entire front seats and dashboard:


Instead I have the aid of this fellow sitting next to me:


In all seriousness, this is a post about making things work in the field. After all of my chargers were stolen, I was without power for my phone and true copilot. I was able to find (in the basement of a small electronics store in small town Italy) a cigarette lighter charger but it was cheap and had a hyperactive spring mechanism resulting in the whole thing popping out of the console unpredictably. That just wasn’t going to do. So, I bought two childrens pair of goggles tied the straps to the underbelly of the dashboard, cut a hole in the goggle so it sits against the charger, not the wire and voila! It works perfectly!


I’m headed to Italy tomorrow and while I’ve a touch of pride that I’ve navigated France entirely from paper maps, best guesses and dumb luck, I’ll be happy to have my phone back shouting orders to me!

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