Tilt-shift Photography

The olympics just ended in London and without cable at home I was mostly crawling around news sites online to get my olympics fix. I was excited to find that beyond the typical and very excellent sports photography inundating papers and blogs, there were a few more artistic styles being popularized by photographers. One of … More Tilt-shift Photography


I’m sorry this update is so late in coming. I’ve had a busy last few days in Rome and just didn’t carve out the time to peck out updates on my phone. I’m in Greece now (more on that soon!) and have a bit of time to do some backfilling! I arrived in Rome in … More Rome

Cinque Terre

The next stop in my travels looking for lizards was Cinque Terre National Park. Cinque Terre is most famous for its five small towns along the rugged coast of north western Italy that were historically connected only by long, steep trails. Nowadays the towns are well connected by land and by sea, but my goal … More Cinque Terre

My new copilot

Well, navigating Europe by myself is a challenge but I’m getting a bit better about it. I no longer spread out the map across the entire front seats and dashboard: Instead I have the aid of this fellow sitting next to me: In all seriousness, this is a post about making things work in the … More My new copilot

Italian food

Up until now I’ve been holding off on going to dinner. I did have a pizza in Mattinata that was delicious but the restaurants along the shore were mostly very expensive and I didn’t feel like walking home from a restaurant at 11. So, now that I’m here in Tremoli I’ve managed to find some … More Italian food

Termoli and Tremiti

After a bit more rigamarole in Foggia I was excited to put that part of Italy behind me and I went straight north to a smaller coastal town called Tremoli. Tremoli is the primary staging ground for ferries to the four Tremiti islands, about an hour off the coast of Italy and, I hoped, somewhat … More Termoli and Tremiti

Car repair update

Just one update. The car is well over halfway back to perfect but it turns out the mechanics only had a replacement for the big window, not the little accent window next to the passenger side mirror. In impressive creativity and telling generosity the grinding I heard while watching the broom lady was them cutting … More Car repair update