Safe, back in the USA

Well, my flights were nice and smooth and now I’m safe back in the US. I’m actually traveling again. I arrived home in New Haven at about 12:30 am local time (feeling like 7:30 am to me) and after a few hours of sleep, now I’m on a bus headed to Boston to celebrate the 4th of July. After driving in Europe, 65 mph seems like a painfully slow highway speed (especially when the bus is taking me to see Claire).

The biggest challenge of the flight was negotiating the Istanbul airport. “Lines” just don’t really work there as near as I can tell. Going through security I had to get through this writhing mass of overtired travelers, crying children and completely lost tourists.


Besides that the only (silly) frustration was the big guy in the middle seat falling asleep all over me. It was pretty incredible, he had no shame. He’d fall asleep and then slowly but inexorably fall over onto me. At first I avoided him by sitting forward or fairly climbing up the wall (I was in the window seat) but that got old after about an hour (and a mini bottle of red wine) so then I just started waking him up with some kind of spastic (“accidental”) arm twitch. Each time he’d sit up, no apologies, fall back asleep and the cycle would repeat itself. At least he didn’t drool I suppose.

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