Hi Everyone,

I’m safe and sound in Naxos. I haven’t actually slept yet; I had meetings all afternoon, but have a stated bedtime of 9:00 pm tonight. I was last solidly asleep Sunday at 6 am… someone else is going to have to do to the math for me. Whatever the count, I’m afraid I’m not going to be super articulate. Still, I want to post some pictures of the Paris trip before too much time elapses.

Remember, the point of the Paris layover was to meet up with Dr. Anthony Herrel so I could borrow his bite force meter (I promise to show you how it works soon!) After hiking around Charles de Gaulle looking for a spot to store a bit of my luggage, I took a couple of different trains and ended up on the Rue Buffon at the Musée d’Anatomie Comparée. Here’s the beautiful old front door. ImageThe building is right next to the Jardin des Plantes and so after a great talk with Anthony I went for a really nice walk through the gardens:ImageAnd saw a statue of Lamarck!ImageAfter that was a quick walk down to Notre Dame:Image


Did you know it’s the 850th anniversary of Notre Dame?! That’s pretty awesome! It was my first time in Paris so beginning to see the sights was really exciting. I’m looking forward to going back later this summer for work, and hopefully a bit more sightseeing.

Oh, and finally, this:


I really like Paris, had a great meeting with Anthony, and made it back to the airport in time for my flight to Athens. All in all, a terrific day!

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