First couple of days on Naxos

Hi Everyone,

I’m afraid I’m too tired to report back on all of the goings on here in a more substantive way than saying I’m very busy but things seem to be going well. I only had a few days of Johannes’ individual attention so I’ve been trying to make the best of it, peppering him with questions and planning out research logistics. Plans are starting to crystalize and I will update you tomorrow (if everything goes well). Until then, here are just a few pics from my phone to tide you over.

IMG_0014The view from my hotel room balcony. I hope to be moving into an apartment on Saturday but for now, I’m not complaining!

IMG_1400Only in Europe is this a sufficiently long vehicle to warrant an extremely cute, shiny bumper sticker. I took this photo as I was prepping to rent my own research car. You’ll meet her/him/it as soon as I have a few pictures of her/him/it in action. Also, be thinking of names – I’m going to need a bit of help!

IMG_1401I think you’re going to need to click the picture to see it in all of its glory, but today was spent driving all over Naxos looking for potential field sites. Big sweeping views like this one helped me identify candidate rock walls from a distance, and helped remind me why the last 10 months slogging away at a computer at my desk in Connecticut were worth it.

More soon!


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