Introducing the Castle!

Hi Everyone,

As promised, here’s a quick tour of our living quarters courtesy of Kat, Angus, and Zach. They took some artistic license with my request for a quick video tour through the house… hope you enjoy!

All credit goes to the three of them, and before you give me a hard time about giving them too much free time, we’ve just started working 16 hour days catching lizards in the field, and processing them in the lab. That’ll likely be the subject for video number 2 if ever we get another breather!

All of the music was performed by Angus on his tin whistle! That dead lizard in the freezer was found just outside our house – victim of the Naxian cats!

5 thoughts on “Introducing the Castle!

  1. The cats left a welcome gift for you! Good sign. You have talented assistants to help you with your research! looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Very Impressive! You might be the only person I know living in a castle! And the music is very impressive, too. Please give my congratulations to Angus and his instrument.

  3. idyllic location, delicious food choices(!!) and looks like good friends! Have an unforgettable summer.

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