Some Naxos Pictures

So for that last post I was looking back at old blog entries from the last few years to link you to some shots of town and give you a sense of where I’m setting up camp. I was surprised that they were fairly few and far between. That means I need to post some more. I did a ton of walking around and errands today and snapped shots somewhat haphazardly. Here are a few just to get you situated. Sorry they’re not oh-so-artsy but they’ll give an unfiltered look at what I’m seeing around town. photo 3-1Here’s the front facade and most castle-y part of the castle at Naxos. This the research assistants did introduce last year… I miss them.

photo 5A quick glimpse of my room… hard to see but immediately to the left is a private bath and through that window is this beautiful view:

photo 1-1

photo 4One of the many beautiful churches on the way to the port.

photo 1

And here we are on the main drag. This is the road along the port of Naxos. To the left of this picture is the main dock for the Blue Star and the Portera. To the right is Cafe Citron (and lots of other things, but that’s one of the most important landmarks for me!). Pikantiko there with the Suzuki parked in front, that’s where I get the gyros, and yes, I snapped this shot as I was happily walking away with another in my belly after lunch.

photo 2

These half-circle benches line that main road and are a great place to stop and enjoy an ice cream…

photo 3

… and take in the view of the water and sailboats moored in the harbor. Hard to tell from the photo but there are a ton of different flags flying! Most of them I don’t recognize at all.

photo 4-1

This really isn’t supposed to be a food and scenery blog, but I can’t help another good look at dinner. That’s horta (boiled weeds) – one of my favorites (also, click that link. The blog author and commenters are great). Some stuffed peppers (stuffed with melted cheese and tomatoes). Fried Naxian cheese on a skillet – super delicious! And some local wine… palatable but more sentimental than scrumptious. The notebook was very intentionally included to prove that I really am hard at work! Logistics are just about (finally!) sorted and I’m going to hit the road tomorrow on the lookout for lizards.

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