Pictures of People Doing Things (Part 1)

Things are a bit too busy here right now to do much posting, but I know everyone likes pictures, so I’ll have to let them speak for us. We’re getting lots of work done, data is starting to pile up, and we’re seeing lots of cool stuff. Kat’s been best about taking people pictures so let me post a few of those just to illustrate what we’ve been up to!


We do lots of pointing at things (in this case, evidently that spot of water was particularly interesting).



This is how we get onto islets – hopping from boatlets.


Then we look under rocks for animals.IMG_0401

No rock is too small – Good work Angus!


Eventually we find something…IMG_0402

… and take pictures of it from every angle. IMG_0391

Then we’re off to find another lizard…IMG_0411

Some rocks are too big.


You have to look underneath those ones, but it’s a lot harder to see critters.


Luckily even if we can’t find lizards, there’s still plenty of water to look and point at.

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