Made it to Naxos!

After a couple of hours telephoning and taxiing around Athens, my package and I were safely reunited! things came together quickly enough that I actually had plenty of time to catch the afternoon BlueStar ferry to the islands and have a delicious lunch. I was going to just go for a cold sandwich but since dinner on boats is at best a risky proposition, I decided a tasty lunch to tide me over would be perfect. It wasn’t Greek but it was oh so delicious: IMG_2180

That’s linguini with roasted red peppers, arugula, and prosciutto topped with pesto, cheese, and lime juice. Yum!

The ride out to the islands was great! I upgraded to get a table and ended up tuning out and getting a ton of work done. Unfortunately that means I didn’t get any pictures of the ride, sorry, but look back at previous May posts and you’ll see plenty of BlueStar pictures.

Now I’m back on Naxos and happy as can be. I started the day with an espresso at Citron, followed it up with a gyro at Pikantiko, and now I think I’ll head back for one last espresso to push through the afternoon work. I’ll be heading up to the Castle tonight so I’ll post more pictures from Naxos once I get up there and the internet gets a little stronger.  Once I get moved in and research equipment sorted it’ll be out the field to catch some lizards!

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