Surprise, I’m back in Greece!

Well, it was a bit of a surprise to me! This spring has flown by between my dissertation defense and post-doc hunting; trips to California, Minnesota, New York, and Maine; and now the start of a very quick field season in Greece to revisit the introduction islands for the next week and a half. After that it’s back home to walk in graduation, start a post-doc project (more soon on that progress) and finish preparations for getting married in July!

I’ve got a few ferry rides coming up so I’ll try to tell a few stories about how things are going but with the schedule as tight as it is I might continue to be lax about updating the blog. Sorry. For now though, here are a few pictures from so far.

IMG_3469I’m back staying in the Castle on Naxos. Every year I feel so lucky to have access to this amazing place. I swear they added stairs getting up to the top of the hill this year though…


Another Castle shot from a well courtyard – I think I finally found a photo angle that I haven’t used on the blog yet.

IMG_3473And, as always, Naxos is just beautiful.


Of course, it wouldn’t be my traditional “I’m back in Greece” blog post without pictures of some of my favorite foods. I had some delicious moussaka and souvlaki too but I was too excited to take pictures before digging in.


We’re off to Paros in a couple of hours to get ready for tomorrow’s first island revisit! Can’t wait to see how the lizards are doing! Stay tuned!

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