Next stop, Greece

This spring is flying by and now it’s time to head to Greece. I’m eager to see what tales the Introduction Islands have to tell. Even more so, I’m just excited to get back to Naxos. Every year I go back, I get more excited to reconnect with this incredibly special corner of the world.

photo 1-1

This year, Claire will be coming along. Last time she was in Greece was 2015. This time, instead of giving her several shiny rocks, I’m afraid she’s going to be a full-time field assistant. She’s already a good lizard catcher, and excellent kayaker, but I’m concerned about subjecting her to hours of writing down lizard measurements.

Our first challenge will be getting to Naxos, packing up last year’s supplies, and bringing them to our base camp on Paros. Here I was last year toting a supply box and two kayaks. This year there’ll be five kayaks… I’m a little concerned.


FYI for those of your email subscribers, I’ve done a bit of website updating. Come check out some of the updated research pages and the new look. I’d appreciate feedback on how to make the website easier to navigate.

I’m looking forward to sharing more stories from Greece. Stay tuned.


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