Guess the number of lizards

We’re in Greece and heading out to check on the introduction island lizards starting on Monday. Last year we found 355 lizards and this year, trying to make sure I bring enough supplies, I’ve been polling friends to guess just how many we’re liable to find. Well, all the vials are packed, and I’m not getting any more (so I hope I guesstimated high) but it was fun to hear peoples’ guesses so I figured I’d poll you all. Here are the tallies from previous years. Let me know in the comments how many lizards you think we’ll catch on our introduction islands this year.

Winner gets all the gelato they can eat (only redeemable in Greece).HowManyIn2018.jpeg


11 thoughts on “Guess the number of lizards

  1. I’m guessing 390! Good luck, safe travels…and don’t be shy about stopping your count as you approach 390… 🙂

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