Some recent photos from the field

Claire’s back in Paris so I’ve mostly spent this week entering data, finalizing one manuscript (more on that very soon), and submitting another. It’s been busy, but not pretty. I did get out into the field for a bit though to catch some last lizards for a project with Kinsey and snapped some shots. Here are a few pictures to sate your appetite until I can get more substantial posts written.


This is the face of a fellow disappointed he can’t reach around and bite me.


Kinsey’s catchin’ lizards so fast she’s tying bags with her teeth.


I always like taking a closer look at the lizard legs. You can imagine some medieval armorer picking up a lizard and trying to design a suit to match.


No trip to Greece would be complete without getting to find one of these little guys. This is Eryx jaculus, the sand boa. They’re not super common but they are unbelievably calm and friendly. It’s always a treat to find one.

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