Italian food

Up until now I’ve been holding off on going to dinner. I did have a pizza in Mattinata that was delicious but the restaurants along the shore were mostly very expensive and I didn’t feel like walking home from a restaurant at 11. So, now that I’m here in Tremoli I’ve managed to find some inexpensive restaurants selling delicious food. Here’s my first meal:

That’s pasta with asparagus and bacon smothered In a butter sauce. Wow! Delicious wine and bruschetta in the background.

Breakfast today:


This was actually really dry. I’d only order it again if I had lots of tea.

And dinner tonight:


Best meal I’ve had this entire trip! Beautiful cut of meat served medium (my other option was “blood”) in a balsamic reduction. The salad was lettuce, tomatoes, sweet corn and carrots. Top that off with fresh bread. Yeah. It was just about perfect after a long day in the field. I took a leisurely 90 minutes to eat it and make some notes. It was terrific.

Off to France tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “Italian food

  1. Reblogged this on My 3rd Act and commented:
    This photo inspires me to take a trip where I can sample foods from other countries, particularly outdoor cafes where I can people watch and soak up the culture.

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