Natrix natrix

Whenever we’re hiking around on one of the big islands we’re always on the lookout for snakes. Some, because Vipera ammodytes is venomous, but for the most part, snakes on these islands are really interesting and a little uncommon. Any day that includes a snake in the field is a good day. I say big … More Natrix natrix

The Panda Express

We do lots of driving on Naxos. This is our trusty field car. It’s a Fiat Panda. We call it the Panda Express. It’s sometimes a little tight, but we make everything fit. Okay, it’s really tight, but we love it nonetheless. (The kayaks worked beautifully by the way but I don’t have any pictures … More The Panda Express

Introducing the team!

This year I’ve been lucky enough to bring three Yale undergraduates along with me to Greece. They’ve been here for almost a week and are settling in admirably! They’re going to be a huge part of this summer, and a major ingredient for its success, so I want to give them a full introduction. You’ll … More Introducing the team!

Visiting the Paros Islets

One of the big goals for this summer’s research is to initiate a long-term island-manipulation experiment on small islets near Naxos and Paros. The logistics and permitting for the experiment have been far more difficult than I’d anticipated, but while I am working with collaborators and government officials to finalize the plans, the first priority was determining whether the dozen islands I’d … More Visiting the Paros Islets