Greece Wrap-up

As per normal, the field season in Greece finished at a sprint and I fell (way) behind on keeping up with the stories. Sorry! I’m going to back-date a few posts to get you all up to speed. All in all, the summer was a great success – I collected nearly all the data I … More Greece Wrap-up

Walking to Fira

We take a lot of boats from island to island, but every once in a while we survey islands that are within walking distance across narrow channels. Here’s one, Fira, which is just off the coast of Antiparos, which is itself an island off of Paros – one of the big islands in the cyclades. … More Walking to Fira

The Bite Force Meter

Y’all have been asking for details on the bite force meter I’ve been alluding too. Here are a few pictures to illustrate what I’ve been talking about. The meter was borrowed from and built by Anthony Herrel, a collaborator in Paris. at its core are two metal plates to the left of the picture where … More The Bite Force Meter

Open Access to Federally Funded Science

The momentum behind opening access to scientific publications got a big boost this week with a directive from the White House for large, federally-funded agencies to make publications and data publicly available. The announcement was made in part in response to a “We the people” petition created last May that has since generated more than … More Open Access to Federally Funded Science

So what am I actually going to be up to?

I’ve been hinting for a while about my scientific goals for this summer but now that I’m hours away from boarding a plane it’s finally time to fill everyone in about my research plans. I’m interested in species interactions and especially how those interactions affect how ecosystems “work.” These kinds of questions often utilize a … More So what am I actually going to be up to?

The Field

So, recently my days have consisted of poking trees with a broomstick in search of lizards. In case that sounds glamorous let me dissuade you, it’s actually been a ton of work and for the most part the lizards are little flashes of four legs and a tail. Chasing them down to sex them just … More The Field