The day in Arles

Well, after the market, I decided to postpone the lizard searching for a day and finish the afternoon in Arles. If the market hadn’t been enough, wandering the city cemented it, I love Arles.

Arles is an awesome blend of French and Roman architecture. It has an ancient amphitheater and stadium that are still being used today! I took all of those pictures on my good camera so stay tuned for when I can upload those.

While the touristy places were fun to see, the best was losing myself in the tiny winding streets and enjoying all of the little details people have added to give their houses character. I don’t know how many pictures of front doors I took, each with a different color or knocker. So much fun!

I’m also really enjoying speaking French. I have a year of french from college 2004-2005 yikes! And more from high school but it’s been a blast to try to remember and actually carry on conversations. It’s not the best, but people appreciate the effort and everyone has been very friendly helping me along.

I suppose this is more of a teaser post with more to come but here are a few pictures. Look forward to a post about the food and the research trip I hope to take tomorrow!

One of the major squares in town.

The ancient roman stadium.

A typical, beautiful street.

The amphitheater. I didn’t pay to get in but there were ballet dancers practicing on the stage.

One more of the stadium because it’s beautiful.

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