The market in Arles

I got up Saturday morning ready to head to the nature reserve at the mouth of the Rhône River but much to my surprise the downtown had completely changed from the night before. It was market day and I’ve never seen an open air market anything like this. It was over a mile long and took me an hour to walk end to end without even stopping to buy things or talk to people!

It was an amazing market full of people speaking lots of different languages, food of every sort, fresh produce, cheese, meats, fish… the list goes on and on… tables full of olive varieties, spices, oils, everything you could possibly want. Then there were the clothing tents, the tables full of pots, pans, cooking utensils and other useful household objects. It was an awesome sight and so much fun to walk through. Here are some pictures:









Three person chess! I’m really curious how this works!

Black olive soap anyone? Really smelled like them too. Also had milk and opium flavors. Hmmm.

One thought on “The market in Arles

  1. wow – that is some market. really like the spice table…incredible – it’s no wonder the food in the south of france is so wonderful and fresh.

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