Redonda is officially rat free!

In other exciting news this week, after a thorough re-survey of Redonda the conservation organizations have determined that Redonda is officially rat and goat free. This is terrific news because even a small pocket of rats that were missed in last year’s eradication could quickly explode into a huge population, negating all of the conservation … More Redonda is officially rat free!

Conservation on Redonda

The island of Redonda, owned by Antigua and Barbuda, is a beautiful, forbidding rock in the Lesser Antillean Islands. It is home to three endemic species of lizards: an anole (Anolis nubilus), a ground lizard (Pholidoscelis atrata), and and as of yet unnamed Sphaerodactylus dwarf gecko. Until  2017, the island was also overrun with rats and goats, introduced … More Conservation on Redonda

Some prettier pictures from Redonda

Alright, yesterday’s pictures were a bit gross, I apologize. Today’s will be a little nicer. Here’s just a quick photo dump and some captions of a few more scenes around the island, plus lizards! Here’s the helicopter coming in for a landing. Notice all the beautiful grass! Here’s a male on a perch checking out … More Some prettier pictures from Redonda

Revisiting Redonda

Revisiting Redonda one year after the goats were helicoptered off and the vermin e-rat-icated was every bit as exciting and gratifying as I could have hoped last year. I’d guessed we might see some grasses fighting their way up through the dust and rocks, maybe a few extra lizards happy to not have to watch … More Revisiting Redonda

We’re back from Redonda!

The trip to Redonda was a huge success and even more importantly, the restoration project is going tremendously well! Last year, Redonda was dusty and dry, overrun with goats and rats that were mowing through the vegetation and hurting the islands’ unique mix of plants and animals, including three endemic lizards. This year, the island … More We’re back from Redonda!

A few photos and videos from Redonda

I’m prepping for the next trip to check out a rat infested island in the Caribbean and it’s bringing back a bunch of memories from Redonda. A few members of the eradication team have put together some terrific videos and photo galleries and I just want to quickly highlight them here. For some stunning pictures … More A few photos and videos from Redonda

Walking around Redonda

One of our first goals on Redonda was to get a good sense for the density of lizards on the island. This is one of the key metrics that has changed following rat eradications elsewhere in the Lesser Antilles. To do that we used a few different methods, we’re hoping that each will give us a slightly different … More Walking around Redonda

Reporting on the Reptiles of Redonda

This post is reposted from and so might be a little familiar in its start to readers here. I’m back from Redonda and the expedition was a great success! I’m happy to report there were many Anolis nubilus boulder-hopping out of the way of the black rats and even blacker ground lizards on the island. In many ways the … More Reporting on the Reptiles of Redonda