Trap Collecting!

Hi Everyone, Just a quick update to let you know I’m alive and well. Sorry for the long delay since last posting. I’ve quite literally been flat out every single day. Last week Tuesday thru Friday I was up and in the field at or before 6:00 am. I’m a herpetologist! We’re supposed to get … More Trap Collecting!

Eryx jaculus

Here’s one of the five sand boas that friends and I have found over the last few days. I really like this picture, but the fun thing about it is that I was caught in the act of capturing it by Kinsey, another scientist here in Greece. You know how excited I get about snakes. Now … More Eryx jaculus


It’s a Loquat! Thanks to those of you who chimed in with the identity of the gifted fruit from last post. Now I know how delicious loquats are! Here’s a silly loquat still life for your enjoyment. I was practicing taking decent macro photos of my lizards, and the loquats seemed like a ready subject. … More Loquat!

My new apartment!

Hi Everyone, I just moved into my new apartment. I’m starting to get settled in and I figured I’d update you with a walking tour so you can see where I’ll be living the next three months. It’s super spacious and needs to be, I think all in all we’ll have as many as 7 … More My new apartment!


Hi Everyone, I’m safe and sound in Naxos. I haven’t actually slept yet; I had meetings all afternoon, but have a stated bedtime of 9:00 pm tonight. I was last solidly asleep Sunday at 6 am… someone else is going to have to do to the math for me. Whatever the count, I’m afraid I’m … More Paris!