Rapid and repeated shifts in chemical signals in Greece

We have a new paper out today from the Greek Island system! As readers know, we’ve been tracking the Aegean Wall lizards introduced to the Greek experimental islets back in 2014. The experimental islets are predator-free, and so the lizard populations have really taken off. With this increase in lizard numbers, we’ve been finding signs … More Rapid and repeated shifts in chemical signals in Greece

Back from Greece!

Greece came and went this year faster than it ever has before. I think it had to do with the fact that it was the third of my field expeditions this spring. Maybe it had something to do with the only three days at home between returning from the Bahamas and leaving for Athens. Much … More Back from Greece!

Countdown to Greece

It’s that time again! The official countdown to Greece has begun. That means two things: I’m running around crazily trying to get everything ready, and this blog is finally going to get interesting again. I leave New Haven on the 28th of April and will be in Naxos on the 30th. Before that, I hope … More Countdown to Greece